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Dan Bodan & Maxwell Simmer
Vittorio Brodmann
Jean-Michel Wicker

Re: group Jean-Michel Wicker, Dan Bodan & Maxwell Simmer, Vittorio Brodmann


Jean-Michel Wicker

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Vitrine for the pre-launch of the seasonal gazzetta ballabella by Jean-Michel Wicker. Available to read during the exhibition.
Published by Artists Space, New York and New Jerseyy, Basel

Vittorio Brodmann 1

Vittorio Brodmann, Schrank, 2012, 55 x 42 cm, oil on canvas

Vito 2

Vittorio Brodmann, Why so negative? Part 1 and Why so negative? Part 2, diptych, 36 x 64 cm each, acrylic on canvas

Vito 3

Vittorio Brodmann, From nods to nothing, 2012, 48 x 38 cm, oil on canvas

Dan n Max 1

Dan n Max too

Dan Bodan will be performing a few songs that he wrote recently. He will be performing them in
a set that was built for the exhibition by Maxwell Simmer. The songs are about being in Berlin,
and leaving Berlin, and then going back there. The set consists of clothing racks that have
manga-style drawings of boys on them. During the performance the clothing racks will be moved
around, and there will be lights and a short video projected on the wall. The concept for the set
was inspired by the Russian-Jewish set designer Boris Aronson (1898 - 1980). There's this really
good book of his work at the Kunstbibliothek.