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SANDY BROWN is delighted to release its inaugural artist's publication made by Timothy Davies.

Produced by a small cartel of French dairy manufacturers, supermarket own-brand crème caramel
puddings are sold in packs of 4 and 6. In Davies's new publication the puddings find their
analogue in a set of advertisements for unrelated products and services, each of which utilise
the strangely unfathomable gaze of a different man to invoke consumption.

Presented in a fold-out Leporello with a patterned slip cover, the publication is availble to
purchase for €20 at the gallery or via the link below (which includes €5 for postage worldwide).

Published by SANDY BROWN with design advice and realisation by Clemens Jahn.

Edition of 200
24 pages / 12 either side
Closed size 27.5 x 20 cm
Open size 27.5 x 240 cm