_________________________________-------------° Exhibition 09.11 - 07.12.13

Sandy Brown is pleased to present Marie Karlberg's first solo gallery exhibition.
Consisting of a new series of spray paint, fabric and industrial rubber works that
draw influence from Karlberg's personal involvement in fashion and performance as
they and the artist herself assumes some of the product clichés promoted by the
commonly understood notion of contemporary art. Materially prompted by an
invitation extended to Karlberg by New York's Artist Space to host several nights
of performances and screenings last summer, the clinical, near-prophylactic rubber
exhibited here first served as an affective makeover to the institution's conventional
appearance, accenting the non-profit's pre-existing walls and furniture in ways
that was as much about looks as it was about feel. While Karlberg has garnered
a reputation for her performance-based work, for this exhibition the performance
is less apparent as it will seem to most visitors of this current show that they
have arrived too late, only able glimpse a resultant product of artfully distressed
rubbers. By directing assumptions of performance art away from the immediately
theatrical, Karlberg's exhibition focuses instead on the performance expected of
any marketable contemporary artist to yield signature product and the subsequent
sociability promoted when these performances are consolidated into careers.


Installation view

'Stewart', 2013
Latex, spray paint, ink, assorted hardware
58.7 cm x 55.5 cm

'Nicolas', 2013
Latex, spray paint, ink, plastic, assorted hardware
45.5 x 37 cm

'Sam', 2013
Rubber, latex, spray paint, fabric, assorted hardware
54 x 60 cm

'Mathieu', 2013
Rubber, paper, ink, nail polish, plastic
34.5 x 64 cm

'Lena', 2013
Rubber, spray paint, plastic, assorted hardware
60 x 54.3 cm

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

'Casja', 2013
Rubber, fabric, spray paint, assorted hardware, gold chains
72.5 x 41.5 cm

'Heji', 2013
Rubber, fabric, spray paint, assorted hardware, gold chains
52 x 39.5 cm

'Emily', 2013
Latex, spray paint, ink, plastic
71.3 x 53.7 cm

Installation view

'Troll', 2013
Latex, spray paint, vinyl, fabric
83.9 x 79 cm

'Cheese', 2013
Latex, ink, assorted hardware
110 x 282 cm

Installation view